08 August 2012

Lots of Leucozona

female Leucozona glaucia
 A very impressive number of Leucozona glaucia were to be found along the Neath Canal, today. I'm usually only used to seeing one or two in this area , on any one day, but today they were by far the most common insect. I'd estimate well over 200 individuals between Resolven and Rheola.
male Leucozona glaucia
 Among all the L. glaucia was also this solitary L. laternaria, and it was nice to see it alongside it's close relative, which, incidentally is not unusual.
male Leucozona laternaria
Also today, 1 male Banded Demoiselle, 1 male Beautiful Demoiselle and a Kingfisher were some nice additions to the day.

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