25 August 2012

Baird's Sandpiper in Pembrokeshire

View back from beach. Baird's Sandpiper in foreground in line with centre telegraph post
 Clive Hurford, one of Cardiff's finest birding exports, found this Baird's Sandpiper earlier in the week on a local patch. I made the trip to West Angle Beach, a beautiful location, yesterday and despite the weather, I was treated to a very enjoyable time watching this particularly attractive wader. It was fascinating to watch it in the changeable weather conditions, at both close range and from afar. It's ability to lie low to avoid being seen by potential harm was admirable, albeit a little worrying at times. On a few occasions it was attacked by some feeding Rooks, birds that I had previously not had a bad word to say about! Hopefully, there will be one found more locally in the not to distant future?
juvenile Baird's Sandpiper

If you'd like to watch some video that I took of the bird, from yesterday, then please follow the link below.
Baird's Sandpiper video


Barry Stewart said...

Very nice Mark - I'm expecting Chris to find one at Weobley, but you're allowed to get one at Crymlyn first!

Mark Hipkin said...

When Chris finds a Baird's Sandpiper at Weobley we'll have to rename it the Brewer Triangle!

Goats said...

What a beautiful bird! Pembrokeshrie is definitely a privileged place in my eyes.