07 August 2012

Indian Balsam at Pontrhydyfen

Although primarily associated with water courses, Indian Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) is perfectly adapted for rapid colonisation of other types of ground, especially where there is soil disturbance. This is illustrated spectacularly at this clearfell site just south of Pontrhydyfen in the Afan Valley, presumably a larch plantation felled last winter. It will be interesting to see what this site looks like in subsequent years to see if the 'problem' persists.
distribution of Indian Balsam in West Glamorgan
NB. probably under-recorded in some areas


Charles Hipkin said...

The seed output from that lot will be massive!

Elen said...

Hi Barry
We have started attempting to clear the afan valley of HB - starting up at what we believe to be the most upstream location near Glyncorrwg.
There are Balsam Bash events organised for the 10th, 17th, & 24th August and 7th and 8th September.
If anyone is interested in joining they can ring me (01639 686782) or Rose (01656 724100) for more information