24 October 2012

British Mycological Society Common Fungi Project

The British Mycological Society are asking people to report sightings of six common species: fly agaric, jelly ear, yellow stagshorn, birch polypore, blushing bracket, and stump puffball.
The aim is to gather data on the distribution, times of fruiting and ecological associations of common, easily identifiable fungi. For further information about the project go to www.britmycolsoc.org.uk/mycology/have-you-seen-this-fungus/. Full colour photographs and a key to all six species of fungi can also be found on the website.
Data submitted should include: name, date, site name, grid reference, vice-county, tree species under, on or near to which the fungus is growing, including on which kind of wood it is growing. Where a fungus is growing near different tree species, list them all, with the nearest first. The name of the recorder is important so that suitable acknowledgements can be made. No specimens need be sent. The details may be sent in any form, as records on paper, or as an Excel or Access file, by post or by e-mail. Records from previous years will be welcome as long as the ecological details are available. Please send records to:
Bruce Ing,
Tigh na faoileige,
IV26 2TJ
Further details on the website 

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