18 October 2012

Rose-moss at Brandy Cove

Sam Bosanquet found a new and very healthy population of this localised species a week or so ago and today I took the afternoon off to go and see it for myself. As mosses go this one is very conspicuous with its rosette of large leaves providing a sort of rose-like resemblance. It is listed as rare in the Flora of Glamorgan and is confined to Gower where it has been recorded at 6 sites around the coast.

Rose-moss was also photographed at Cwm Ivy in 2011 click here


sambbryo said...

Thanks for the photo Barry - doing this wonderful plant justice!

There is one non-Gower record in Glamorgan: one patch in Kenfig Burrows last year. It's an extremely rare species throughout south Wales though, and the Brandy Cove patch is the largest I've seen anywhere. Sam B

Charles Hipkin said...

Fabulous plant and a nice photographic record.

Barry Stewart said...

Thanks for the update Sam - hopefully we'll find a few more sites over time.