27 October 2012

Late Small White

Small White
In the sheltered locations around Mumbles Hill, today, there were numerous butterflies still on the wing. The vast majority were Red Admiral with easily more than 20 individuals, but probably many more. Also flying today were Small White and Speckled Wood.
Ring Ouzel
There was also a male Ring Ouzel present on Mumbles Hill associating with other migrant thrushes to be found in the area. This bird was found by Rob Jones, and also today, Owain Gabb found a further 3 Ring Ouzel in the vicinity of Mewslade Valley. In recent days Glamorgan, as well as other locations across the UK, is experiencing frequent Ring Ouzel sightings. Now would be a good time to look for this bird around the coast and other sites where berries are on offer, as this bird passes through heading south to wintering grounds in northern Africa.

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