24 October 2012

Some Gower Fungi

I would appreciate identification of any of these fungi.  All photographed during the last week.

In Caswell Valley Woods

Garden Lane, Oxwich

In a Murton garden

Pennard Cliffs

Penrice Estate

Penrice Estate

In a Murton garden (Hygrocybe sp.?)

Caswell Valley Woods under Beech (Mycena sp.?)


Barry Stewart said...

Some very nice photos Derek, but I'm sure you're aware that this is a very challenging group, even with a specimen. Identification from photos alone is a big ask and my mycological knowledge is very limited, so I'll pass...

Charles Hipkin said...

As Barry says, it is very difficult to get an accurate id from a photo, particularly if the specimens are worn or aged. So, some of these suggestions are tentative:
Photo 1: It's an inkcap, it looks quite small and could be Coprinellus disseminatus (Fairy Inkcap).
Photo 2: Looks like aged Armillaria mellea (Honey Fungus). This is a very common species which is often very confusing.
Photo 3: These are old specimens (caps seem to have darkened in colour) which could be Kuehneromyces mutabilis (Sheathed Woodtuft)
Photo 4: ???
Photo 5: This is Armillaria mellea again.
Photo 6: And again!
Photo 7: Definitely a Hygrocybe and possibly H. cantharellus. If it is, it should have decurrent gills, but that can't be verified in the photograph. So, this is a very tentative id.
Photo 8: Can't identify this one, but it seems to have dark coloured gills and it doesn't look like a Mycena to me.

Tom said...

Great pictures... I am always amazed to see the many different aspects of the honey fungus.