08 October 2012

more fun with Ivy

Last couple of weeks in Swansea Bay whilst searching for Colletes hederae @ Ivy, no luck!

 Cheilosia pagana note the third antennal segment being big and orange
 Didea fasciata
 Leopoldius signatus a conopid fly which lays an egg on living bees wherein the larva develops.
Leopoldius signatus


Barry Stewart said...

I'm was hoping to find time this year to get down and discover the odd site for species, but looks like you've mopped up! Excellent job. Leopoldius signatus is a real handsome fly, which must also fly at night as I had two in a moth trap set at Borfa House in September 2006.

Barry Stewart said...

NB 'this species' = Colletes hederae