09 January 2013

Early Butterfly

A Small Tortoiseshell was in flight at Crymlyn Burrows today. It didn't stop for it's record to be illustrated sadly.


Anonymous said...

I had a Peacock in the front garden today. Colin Richards

gareth thomas said...

Hi Mark I had a Painted Lady flying in the garden today. I entered a blog on it but it has not come up. I got some good shots

Mark Hipkin said...

I had a feeling that the Small Tortoiseshell I saw wouldn't be the only butterfly record. Well done to those who saw one. I was reading the Birdguides blog and it seems that 6 species of butterfly have been recorded nationally so far this year including Speckled Wood and Painted Lady. Considering the recent southerly winds perhaps the Painted Lady records are not too surprising. Perhaps also, Vagrant Emperor is another one to look out for?
Gareth if you send the photos to Barry's email address on the welcome note or to
markhipkin1@gmail.com either of us could post them for you here. Stick a grid ref with it to if possible.

gareth thomas said...

Thanks Mark for the offer. I have tried robustly to get the report published but it refuses to be acknowledged. I have reported it to the National BC records at least.
I have sent the details to your email address. Let me know if you do or don't get it
Cheers Gareth