25 January 2013

Rhossili retreat (24/1/13)

With most of the fields in Gower still covered in a couple of inches of Snow, the mainly snow free fields found around Rhossili were buzzing with birds actively feeding. Lots and lots of thrushes, Lapwing and Golden Plover. Decent numbers also of Sky Lark, Linnet and Chaffinches.
It would be no exaggeration to say that there were Lapwing, Fieldfare and Redwing in every field and although it is quite difficult to keep track of bird movements, so as to eliminate double counting, it is worth putting an estimate on numbers in these scenes to keep a notable record.
One of the more unusual observations from the day was 12 Snipe feeding in the middle of field. They had found a shallow, rutted part, which they often returned to while the congregated masses of Thrushes and Plovers were uneasy about some danger; this often took form of a Common Buzzard overhead looking for an unsuspecting victim!
Probably the bird of the day was this male Brambling which was in with a Chaffinch flock, which also included a female Brambling and a few Reed Bunting. In particular this flock was enjoying the area of vegetable crops and NT set-aside area.

Some estimated counts Golden Plover(120), Lapwing(350), Snipe(12), Dunnock(40), Robin(70), Stonechat(4), Wren(30), Starling(100), Blackbird(70), Song Thrush (100), Fieldfare(300), Redwing(500), Sky Lark(120), Meadow Pipit(50), Linnet(140), Chaffinch(80), Brambling(2) and Reed Bunting(3)

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