14 January 2013

January Lady

I have another butterfly report for the 9th Jan 2013.
This is a Painted Lady, in good condition, flying around the garden at Alveley Rhossili at midday for an hour. I got a few snaps. Also Photoed a thermometer out of the sun - 18 degrees!
Not sure what this is doing in Britain in Jan - should be dead or migrating I thought.
Gareth Thomas


Barry Stewart said...

Gareth, just checked and the only other January record I have on file was one recorded at Whiteford by Ian Tew on 17th January 1998. These are both clearly very unusual records and yours is unofficially the earliest ever in Glamorgan!

gareth thomas said...

Good news, Thanks Barry. Mark asked for the OS Ref for this:
SS 42604 87009