29 January 2013

Mosses in fruit at Overton

Pretty Cord-moss Entosthodon pulchellus
A strong population of Pretty Cord-moss (Entosthodon pulchellus) [a species listed in Section 42 of the 2006 NERC Act] was found at the base of the Limestone bluff at Overton Mere on the weekend along with other noteworthy species such as Side-fruited Crisp-moss (Pleurochaete squarrosa) and Canary Thread-moss (Bryum canariesnse).
Bicoloured Bryum (Bryum dichotomum)
Bristly Pottia (Tortula viridifolia)
Side-fruited Crisp-moss (Pleurochaete squarrosa)
a southern species that does not fruit in the UK

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