23 October 2010

Blog Corrections

If like Dave Bull, any of you though the 'Biometric' Marsh Warbler was probably just an odd Reed Warbler, give yourself a pat on the back, you were right. Those with much greater experience than us on this species have categorically identified it as Reed. Let's hope the next interesting bird we catch at Nitten is a bit simpler to identify!

Many thanks to Derek Moore who gave a fabulous presentation last night, but I must apologise for demoting his OBE to an MBE in my previous post. This was one of the very rare occasions when Sand was wrong and I was right! ;o)

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Neil Donaghy said...

An interesting bird Barry that I think would have most birders guessing as to its identity[incorrectly in my case!!]. Obviously though I'm delighted that its not another Glamorgan tick to try and make up on you and Dean...