24 October 2010

Winter Swans at Eglwys

I took a very welcome call from Highlander today. Informing me that 5 Whooper Swans had been found at Eglwys by George Morgan(who else?). Not an easy bird to see in Glamorgan anymore!

I notice that the MapMate database doesn't have any Whooper Swan records for Eglwys at all! None for NPT either. Eglwys really is experiencing an enchanting year!


Barry Stewart said...

Nice clean pic of the swans caught in very good light.

Mark Hipkin said...

Thanks. But how many swans in the photo? Answers on a postcard and the winner gets a copy of George Morgan's "Furthest Bay Gate Key!"

Meriwether said...

There are 11 definate records for EG res, ranging from 1962-1971. Max 17 1st Jan 1963. Most of the summaries in the old reports stae: commuting between KNNR/EG res with no definate dates. I'm afraid you will hvae to go through the wild swan record cards at the NMGW if you want to precise dates etc.
I have imputted onto MM.

Barry Stewart said...

Thanks Jake. Useful to know that we are ablento trace such records if reqired.