21 October 2010

Longhorns of the valleys

Following on from Barry's post on Longhorns, we in the valleys have recorded a number of these beetles in our moth traps. From Paul Parsons excellent photos you can see that there is a great diversity within this family.

1) Rhagium bifasciatum [2 banded Longhorn] 2) Leptura maculata [Black and yellow Longhorn]
3) Leiopus nebulosus [Black clouded Longhorn]

4) Arhopalus rusticus [Dusky Longhorn]

5) Anopladera rubra [Red Longhorn]

There are very few identification articles available on British Longhorns, the best can be found in the bi-monthly magazine "British Wildlife" - covering all 60 species that have occured in Britain and is in 2 parts. 1) Vol 18 number 6 (Aug 2007) 2) Vol 19 number 1 (Oct 2007) and can be purchased on line for £3 each. Well worth the investment to any interested in learning more about these superb beetles.

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