25 October 2010

Epirrita sp

Ok so the title is a bit of a cop out but I've been burned on here before! I found this moth impossible to just walk past earlier today but part of me wishes that I had. Having now looked through 3 books I feel confident enough to say that the separation of Autumnal Moth, Pale November Moth and November Moth is tricky.

I considered going through my identification process but with many very experienced moth-ers using this blog I'll save my blushes. My photo is labelled Pale November Moth. I'm looking forward to finding out if I need to rename the file!!


Barry Stewart said...

The strongly angled post-median line suggests Autumnal Moth, but these aren't reliably identifial without dissection. I prefer to put them down as Epirrita sp.

Mark Hipkin said...

Thanks. I'll change it to that then.