15 October 2010

Have you seen an otter on Gower?

Otters are an increasingly common sight on the coastlines of Wales (photo credit: Charis White)

It may surprise you but otters are equally at home in the sea as they are on land. Otters around the Gower are certainly no exception to this and in fact one of the earliest records of otters on Gower originates from a large male otter accidentally drowned in a fishing net set off Oxwich point in 1843! With increasing pressure on coastal habitats for human recreational activities it is important to establish how coastal areas are currently being used by this, and many other, British animals. I am extremely interested in any records of otters that anyone might have of otters anywhere on Gower but especially in the coastal areas. If you have seen any otters please can you contact Dr Dan Forman on 01792 295445 / d.w.forman@swansea.ac.uk. Many thanks.

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