08 January 2011

Bittern still at Eglwys

The Bittern is still present at Eglwys and showing very well indeed.

I saw it today at the same location as on New Years Eve, in the bay in front of the old hide beyond the yacht club. It isn't confined to this area however; George Morgan saw it flying out of the reedbed next to the old boating shed two days ago.

The light was not helping matters very much today, but with Bittern performing so well it was impossible not to take more video footage of this fascinating bird. Follow the link below for a bit more Bittern action!



Barry Stewart said...

I see the new camera's getting put to excellent use. Great pictures of a Great Bittern.

Mark Hipkin said...

Thanks Barry. The shots are digiscoped, although not altogether the same set up. The low light effect from the partial cloud was helping! I think I read somewhere, sometime? Probably?
I was thinking of using "Great Bittern" myself, but couldn't quite make it work.

PS if you could send over a GND, and not just a flyby, that would be most appreciated.

Jeff said...

Really nice shots Mark,let's hope they all survived the big freeze.