29 January 2011

Lapland Buntings at Paviland

I spent a couple of hours this morning with Chris Brewer trying to track down the Lapland Buntings, eventually locating a flock of 36. No Skylarks with them so for once we were able to make an accurate count, though it's possible there are other birds elsewhere as there are so many suitable fields in this area. The lack of flighty Skylarks also meant we were finally able to get some record shots of the flock. How many can you see? These really are mouse-like in habit and are very easy to overlook unless they take flight. I can spot eight in this shot.
For more photo's of these cracking birds check out http://moonmoths.blogspot.com/ 


Mark Hipkin said...

Nice flight shots there Barry. I was wondering if they'd still be around. Now the NPT listing is over I should really make the effort!

Anonymous said...

cracking flight shots Barry,fantastic birds Lapland Buntings,wonder if these might originate from the West,lapland longspurs,what with the large amount in Ireland etc.,late 2010
cheers Bernie

Barry Stewart said...

I'm sure you're right Bernie. Although BBRC say there are no confirmed records of subcalcaratus in Britain, they do say that circumstantial evidence suggests it may outnumber
nominate lapponicus in some years. Whatever race they are, they're great birds and well worth tracking down if you can find time.
After all the flight only views it was great to get some record shots of this exceptional local influx.