22 January 2011

Razor-shells on Rhossili Beach

Large numbers of the razor-shell Pharus legumen were found washed up on Rhossili beach today (though have clearly been there some time), possibly a consequence of the cold recent cold weather. This species inhabits clean sand from low intertidal and sublittoral and is very common in Carmarthen Bay. It is known to be eaten in quantity by Common Scoters, large numbers of which were noted in the very shallow waters between Burry Holms and Cefn Sidan last month, possibly the same time razor-shells were experiencing high mortailty, making them easy prey for scoters?

Strands of razor-shells with Burry Holms behind


Mark Hipkin said...

Wow, carnage! Great shots Barry, you get a real sense of scale.

Barry Stewart said...

Still lots of Scoter around (5000+ seen from Cefn Sidan by Wendel Thomas a couple of days ago), so there must still be plenty food out there.