14 January 2011

First Frog spawn?

Siriol Jones wrote '...I thought you might be interested to know that we now have frogspawn in our garden pond [in Sketty]. I've attached a picture, as evidence...'
Always interested to find out how others frogs are doing, especially if you can beat this date!
PS. Checked our garden pond this morning, but no spawn despite a bit of mating going on last night.


Colin Richards said...

Looking back through some diaries, Andrew Dixon and I had frog spawn at Millwood, Penrice on 11th January 2007.

Barry Stewart said...

Thanks for that Colin, though it was 2011 dates that I was looking for. It will be interesting to compare first dates with previous years after the weather in December.

Valley Naturalist said...

This milder weather has certainly got things moving, bird song and even some invertebrate activity.Hope the spawn doesn't get caught out by another cold snap!