02 January 2011

Brambling in the garden

Living next to the Gnoll has major benefits regarding garden birdwatching. We feed the birds that visit our garden year round and as a result of this the regular "resident" birds also bring in the seasonal visitors. We get Brambling most years but the numbers recently are way above normal.

There have been good numbers of Brambling in the country this winter and ones and twos have been recorded in the garden since mid November. 5 were present on the 17th December and the numbers have remained high ever since with 15+ today (possibly 20 or more)

The large numbers of birds that feed here, attract Cats and Sparrowhawks, so the "feeding frenzy" that occurs a few times a day can make the birds very flighty. Follow the link below for some footage of the action!


Barry Stewart said...

Great video Mark : full-on finch action!

David Carrington said...

Hi Mark - sorry to contact you like this but I don't have your contact details. Could you give me a call at Kenfig 01656 743386? I need a brief chat about Eglwys Nunydd. Ta

Mark Hipkin said...

Sorry Dave, not seen your comment till now. I'll give you a call tomorrow.