18 January 2011

Red Kites sightings in Gower

Sian Musgrave wrote: '...took these whilst at Fall Bay this morning. A regular visitor to Rhossili Down near Middleton most mornings, it was circling in the thermals just below the cliffs today. Didn't seem at all bothered by me as it came down really close to have a look before spiralling off towards Mewslade...'
 Red Kite over Fall Bay, with Alveley in the background
Kite records received over the last 10 years (not comprehensive, but a good sample) indicate that although the number of individual kites visiting Gower has probably has not been great, the number of reported sightings has increased streadily. As Sian's observations suggest, birds have been seen regularly in south-western part of Gower, though they can be seen almost anywhere, including over the centre of Swansea.


Anonymous said...

Sighting on the 18th Jan over the sewage works at Llanrhidian; the bird was very low and dropped to the ground for a few seconds as if feeding.

Neil Edwards

Barry Stewart said...

I saw one today at the eastern edge of Fairwood Common flying towards Three Crosses.

Anonymous said...

Saw one yesterday afternoon above Fairwood Golf Course by Hen Park Lane

Gaynor Kilbuern said...

I saw one today in Southgate near Pennard Golf Course, it was quite low and I was able to see it quite clearly as it circled above me.

Rachelrbr said...

Have seen red kite flying over cLyne common and west cross area regularly over the past month. Flown so low able to see tags on wings. Just beautiful