23 April 2011

Butterfly Bonanza around Margam Moors

Ieuan Blackmore and myself could hardly describe ourselves as disappointed when we left Kenfig this morning, we did miss the Purple Heron today but, we had good views of an Otter and Kingfisher during our wait there. Incidentally the Purple Heron, present for it's second day having been found by Simon Murray yesterday, showed periodically throughout the day after we left at 9:45.

Dingy Skipper
After leaving Kenfig we decided to have a look around Margam Moors and we were treated to some early flying individuals as well as some nice records for the site. The best of these were the c20 Dingy Skippers flying along the track on the East side of Margam Moors.
Brown Argus
Only 1 Brown Argus was found next to the sidings South-east of the Moors near the Kenfig River and flooded wood.
c8 Wall were seen around Margam Tip, Margam Dunes and the West side of Margam Moors. I've often seen good numbers around here and it has to be one of the most reliable sites in the county to see this species.
Common Blue (left) and Small Blue
Small Blues were in good numbers around the Margam Tip and Margam Dunes, numbering 20+ and 1 Common Blue was also found in Margam Dunes.
Four-spotted Chaser
1 of 2 Four-spotted Chaser seen on the wing today. The behavior of this one especially, basking high in the trees, suggesting it had recently emerged.

Other good stuff from today included 3 Green Tiger Beetle, 20+ Orange tip, 4 Small Copper and 1 Silver Y

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couchypunk said...

just to let you know that there are A few gread grey shrikes in baglan bay , behind the sand dunes and there are loads of skylark and sandmartyns flying around too, also there are lapwings and a pair of breeding kestrals flying around and only 1 buzzard thas been there since xmas