04 April 2011

Kittiwakes on Mumbles Pier

The Kittiwakes have been back on the pier for a while now and it is well worth the 50p entrance fee to see these pelagic gulls at such close quarters. You may also notice that experimental nesting platforms have been erected as part of a mitigation strategy to ensure that the birds are not adversely affected by the proposed redevelopment of the pier. Paul Tyrrell took these shots of the birds on their more traditional nesting ledges last week.
(c) P. Tyrrell
(c) P. Tyrrell


Tim James said...

Wonderfully intimate shots. Nice work – Tim

Adam Tilt said...

I was down there myself on Saturday as it's always fun to photograph the Kittiwakes. Where abouts are the experimental platforms as I didn't notice any and are there any other plans in place to mitigate disruption to the colony (rather timely as I was just pondering this on my own blog)?

Anonymous said...

Apparently there are 3 platforms, 1 is easily seen from the shore, it's on the walkway leading to the lifeboat station. It looks like an 8 by 4 sheet of marine ply, not sure where the other 2 are. Neil Edwards

Adam Tilt said...

Thanks Neil.