02 April 2011

Hoary Fringe-moss at Pennard

After reporting this rather scarce species last month http://goweros.blogspot.com/2011/03/pennard-burrows.html, but in a rather shrivelled and crispy state due to the dry March weather, I was pleased to record it in another part of the dunes today looking as it should, after a damp morning; the moisture providing the necessary trigger for the leaves of this attractive moss to unfurl.
Racomitrium canescens (Hoary Fring-moss)
Racomitrium canescens (Hoary Fring-moss)


Charles Hipkin said...

It's a pioneer coloniser of re-vegetating coal tips and open cast, sometimes occurring in thick carpets.

Barry Stewart said...

Thanks Charles - coal tip sites must be pretty rich for bryophytes and I definitely fancy visiting one or two this year. I did find quite a bit of R. ericoides at Maesgwyn. Incidentally, have you seen the 'String-of-sausages Lichen'? There are records from Pennard and so far I've failed to find it.

Charles Hipkin said...

Good point. My coal tip records are H. canescens (sensu lato)and they include the area around Maes Gwyn. It seems more than likely that they too are H. ericoides (sensu stricto) which is the commonest member of the H. canescens aggregate.