10 April 2011

Woodchat at Llangennith

Thought I'd sneak in a quick record shot of the male Woodchat Shrike at Llangennith Moors today, before the quality photos arrive! Also I'd like to thank the mystery finder for making the news available on birdguides, well done indeed. It was a very entertaining morning watching this bird feed at close quarters this morning.

The photo above shows the footpath that runs North from Hillend Caravan Park towards Broughton Farm. The Woodchat Shrike was showing well from tops of Brambles and Hawthorn bushes but, also feeding a lot on the floor. It would periodically go missing for periods up to an hour, more often 45 minutes. It remains faithful to the area described following the sighting on Friday; SS 412 914 which is c100m North of the gate next to the pill. You can see just about all the bushes that the Shrike used today from the footpath marker shown in the photo above. A very nice bird and well worth the visit.

Click here for Woodchat Shrike footage


Barry Stewart said...

I like it. The Stonechat reminds me of those people who wave to their mum behind the news presenter when the broadcast goes live on location. Or maybe he's one of those who try to act all nonchalant, yet miraculously manage to stay in shot for the duration of the interview! :o)

Barry Stewart said...

***** video of it swapping the lizard tail from bill to foot, regurgitating pellet, then eating lizard tail.