10 April 2011

Leech query

On the way back from the seeing the shrike Sandra photographed this large leech in Diles Lake that she estimated as being approximately 12cm in length. Hopefully there's someone out there who has experience of these animals and can name this impressive beastie? A web search takes me along the lines of Medicinal Leech (Hirudo medicinalis) / Horse Leech (Haemopis sanguisuga). On size and colour Medicinal looks a possible candidate, but given its rarity perhaps Horse is the more likely?
dorsal side
ventral side uppermost


Anonymous said...

Barry/Sandra. You could try phoning or emailing Biopharm, a medicinal leech farm based in Hendy - 01792 885595. Their boss Dr Roy Sawyer is the worlds leading expert on leeches; as well as being a good friend of ours. Mention our name and I'm sure they will help if they can. Neil/Elsbeth Edwards

Barry Stewart said...

Thanks Neil. Sounds like if anyone can help, Doc Roy can :)

Mark Hipkin said...

Great shots Sandra

I can't beleive I dipped on that Leech! Incidently there is a very good Blackadder on Leeches but, I'm not sure it's going to help id this one, very funny though!

Caroline Gill said...

Amazing shots. Has anyone seen Leeches at WWT Llanelli (Millennium Wetlands), where the sign suggests they may be found, I wonder?

Barry Stewart said...

Looks very much like this is a Horse Leech rather than Medicinal. Impressive nonetheless :)