30 April 2011

White Stork from Aberdulais roundabout

White Stork
 Rob Jones was returning from a rather successful week long trip to Norfolk today; little did he know the rarities hadn't quite been left behind! Shortly after finding this bird Rob got the news out quickly which allowed a number of birders to connect with this White Stork before last light. And very nice it was too!
White Stork above A465 from Aberdulais roundabout
I tried a bit of video footage through the DSLR today which can be found following the link below

White Stork at Aberdulais video


Anonymous said...

what an amzing discovery, i saw it the other day and unfortunaly i didnt have my camera with me.
if you dont mind i posted the link of this on the bbc springwatch website so not only the UK can talk about how good thier wildlife is but so can wales.

Nigel Ajax Lewis said...

Wondering whether there were enough recorders about who would recognise a huge black and white bird as being something different. It is intersting to see that another White Stork was see standing on a lamp post briefly at a Chepstow industrial park on May day, having flown in from the Mathern area, Gwent levels. [GOS website]. Before it would appear to have flown off east leaving Wales.