08 November 2011

nightjar singleton park

This morning a new PhD student Martin says he watched a bird like a "long pigeon" singing in a tree just inside singleton park at the entrance from Brynmill Park on the left near the stream, about 9am. It had a continuous churring song. I've just been and checked with him and no sign now but sounds like a Nightjar! I checked common nighthawk calls, no chance it's that, but with this autumn what will happen next?


Barry Stewart said...

Ian as much as the description sounds like a Nightjar, this seems incredibly unlikely. But, like you Ian I can't think of anything that fits the bill. Let's hope it reappears and we all get a pleasant surprise!

i.f.tew said...

Thanks Barry unlikely as it seems what else would make a continuous churring noise. Not a Grasshoppr Warbler by appearance. I even went back and asked if he was sure it wasn't a Mistle Thrush rattling and he said he was confident he knew what an MT sounded like.

Barry Stewart said...

I wonder if there are other instances of Nightjar singing on passage? I'm sure I have heard of late sightings. Shame he never recorded it on his mobile (assuming he had one?) as that would have cleared things up for sure.