06 November 2011

Wonderful Whiteford

Whiteford produced a very enjoyable birding middle session today having started and finishing with the Isabelline Wheatear. 3 birds stood out, a Firecrest, a Long-tailed Duck and a Red-necked Grebe. Quite apart from the Isabelline Wheatear, each of the birds mentioned would have made my day on their own. So to have all three together in the same day was quite special. The 2 poor quality photos shown are pretty reflective of the distances and subsequent views that provide an extra challenge when birding at Whiteford.

I've attached a couple of links to video footage of the birds below. The standard is not great because not all birds pose on top of rocks or bushes and say birdie to the camera!

Red-necked Grebe video

Long-tailed Duck video

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