04 November 2011

Wryneck at Earlswood Golf Course

A late Wryneck at Earlswood golf course today. Having been treated to my first NPT Wryneck earlier this year I wasn't expecting to see my next one so soon afterwards! But as Charles Hipkin stated it's "impossible to see too many Wrynecks!" Charles joined with me returning to look for the bird this afternoon and we found in the same area after a brief wait. It seems pretty loyal to the damp track between the golf course and the Neath River. This area is best accessed by parking at the turn off to the Ferry Boat Inn (SS72949392) and following the track around the back of the golf course, through the wood and 80m beyond the wood to the open area with a wet track (SS73119367). The bird was showing all along the track on both sides.

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Barry Stewart said...

Very nice find Mark. Hope to connect with it one sometime over the weekend.