01 June 2013

Bryophyte update

As I've received a sync file from Charles and Hilary with a substantial number of records, the map below brings the bryophyte coverage right up to date. I should have added in my previous post that the vast majority records are from the last four years. I've added a red border to those squares where a nominal target of 70 species has been reached.  Hopefully we'll manage to integrate the historical records made by Roy Perry and others in due course.
click on map to see detail
Among those species noted on Stafford Common in Gorseinon last week was Fringed Bog-moss (Sphagnum fimbriatum) which was fruiting prolifically as was Dented Silk-moss (Plagiothecium denticulatum var. denticulatum), though this was much less conspicuous.
Fringed Bog-moss
Fringed Bog-moss capsule (sporophyte)
Dentated Silk-moss was typically found growing on the sides of Molinia tussocks along with Elegant Silk-moss (Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans) and the liverwort Common Pouchwort (Calypogeia fissa).
elongate capsules of Dentated Silk-moss
Mueller's Pouchwort (Calypogeia muelleriana) and Notched Pouchwort (C. arguta) were also found amongst tussocky Molinia mire on the nearby Mynydd Garn-goch last week.
Mueller's Pouchwort

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