03 June 2013

Weasely recognised

 Laura Roberts, Rob Jones and I were treated to unforgettable views of a Weasel above Melincourt over the weekend. It was a real treat watching the hyperactive mustelid dart here, there and everywhere - just 20m or so in front of us.
I managed to take some video footage of the Weasel. As you will no doubt appreciate I've had to freeze frame or slow down the sequences to show some detail. Although it does appear that in some cases the footage has been set to fast forward, that isn't the case; they really are that fast!
Weasel video click here


Barry Stewart said...

Weasely recognised but not weasely forgotten! Sorry, only it's been a long day indoors while the sun's been shining outside ;)

Paul Parsons said...

Stoataly brilliant Mark!