05 June 2013

Rhagium bifasciatum

Lots of this species at Sarn Helen, today. The Two-banded Longhorn Beetle (Rhagium bifasciatum) is a widely distributed across Europe and is not uncommon in Britain. This was the first time I've noticed this species, and to see them flying past me, landing close by or landing on me was quite an experience.Throughout the day there seemed to be a movement of Longhorn Beetles (mass emergence?) and about 10 settled close enough to confirm the identity, all of which were Rhagium bifasciatum. The vast majority didn't stop close by but it is likely they were also Rhagium bifasciatum, and I'd be fairly confident in claiming more than 50 over the course of the day. Mainly, if not exclusively, heading down into the valley. Also today, 2 Bee Beetles (Trichius sp)

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