08 June 2013

Scorched Wing

The weather is certainly bringing the moths out; this Scorched Wing (Plagodis dolabraria) being one of the more curiously marked species attracted to, but not in, the garden trap here in Gorseinon. A trap set at Penclacwydd WWT was far more productive, attracting 79 species, compared to just 31 in the garden trap. See the Carmarthenshire moths and butterflies blog HERE for photos and highlights from Penclacwydd).

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Nigel Ajax-Lewis said...

We had a single Scorched Wing at Parc Slip yesterday amongst an MV catch of 135 moths of 50 species.

I am sure it has occurred to me before, and must have to others, but I think this moth looks remarkably like Wych Elm seed, also being shed around now. What the evolutionary advantage would be if there are any seed eating anything which specialise on Wych Elm seeds I would not know.