23 June 2013

Dustbin lid flora

Amongst the beautiful setting in the hamlet of Ilston, was this wonderful bin lid by the church entrance. It was attractively decorated with two mosses, Thickpoint Grimmia (Schistidium crassipilum) and Capillary Thread-moss (Bryum capillare). They are common species of base-rich rocks, both artificial and natural such as concrete and limestone, but this is a new substrate for me; rubber strengthened with twine. The darker tufts are the Thickpoint Grimmia.
Alfie, Sand and Angie where the stream disappears.
The footpath down from the church follows the the 'Killy-Willy' (Ilston stream) until it disappears into a hole in the bank, but we never went far enough down to see where it reappeared. One of the older trees encountered 100m or so further down stream was this handsome Pedunculate Oak (Quercus robur) with a reasonable girth of 3.61m.

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