15 April 2010

from Horton

Sunday 11th April

Alongside the sea at Horton among the bee cities:
Eristalinus aeneus with pale spotty eyes whose larvae feed in seaweed. There is another species with pale spotty eyes, E. sepulchralis, which might also occur near water bodies.

Cicindela campestris/ Green Tiger Beetle continuing the species

Very nice to find Tetrix undulata/ Common Groundhopper among the fine grasses in the sprayzone. Tetrix species live as adults in the spring and autumn unlike the rest of the grasshoppers who develop during the summer but don't survive the winter as adults.

Lots of Bombylius discolor/ Spotted Bee Fly and their pupal cases. This species lives in the nests of Andrena solitary bees A. flavipes in this case I believe.

and this Nomada species living on this Andrena with an orange thorax and shiny black abdomen, species currently unknown. Ideas anyone? Barry Stewart thinks it's Nomada goodeniana so does Ian Tew now he's looked at the BWARS site (BWARS.com) and the lurker in the hole is almost certainly Andrena thoracica, ginger thorax and shiny black abdomen. Any advance?


Barry Stewart said...

Great pics Ian. The Nomada looks like goodeniana, though needs an expert to confirm. With this weather there's going to be a lot of new species emerging that need photographing!

Mark Hipkin said...

Very good shots Ian. Nice to see The Tew's on board!