17 April 2010

Red-throated Divers off Aberavon Beach

Continuing the theme of winter visitors staying on, there were 8 Red-throated Diver on the sea viewed from Aberavon Beach today. On 20th February 2010 Barry Stewart, Neil Edwards and myself saw 14 together in flight, but these birds had been feeding prior to this and were likely long staying birds. Since then I've recorded a small group and singles, as have other recorders. Like the day in February, today was perfect for seawatching (for divers). Flat calm, early high tide and clear conditions. Most were still in winter plumage, but 2 birds were noticeably darker in front. Red-throats can often be found in large groups on passage, but I can't help feeling these birds were part of the group that has been wintering in the bay all winter?

Also of interest today a Harbour Porpoise in the bay, 1 White Wagtail around the Ragworm farm and 1 Small White Pieris rapae flying around the dunes

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