18 September 2010

Fungi in Afan Argoed

The season of mellow fruitfullness looks pretty fruitful for fungi in Afan Argoed this year (try saying that after a few glasses of wine!). Just a few photos of what is on view in 'the park' at the moment:
The Sickener (Russula emetica) is one of the most common toadstools of conifer woodland in Britain. This striking, red toadstool is found commonly under Sitka Spruce in Afan Argoed. This is a poisonous species with a very hot (like pepper) taste.

Much less common nationally, but in the spruce forests of Afan Argoed at the moment is the Slimy Spike (Gomphidius glutinosus). The slimy, greyish cap, the way the gills run down the stem (decurrent) and the yellow colour at the bottom of the stipe are characteristic features.

And lastly, a very distinctive Red Data List species aptly named Salmon Salad (Guepinia helvelloides), which occurs in Afan Argoed in association with Japanese Larch and Sitka Spruce.

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