18 September 2010

Lapland Bunting at Kenfig

This fantastic Lapland Bunting was found by Adrian Murch and Graham Holmes on the monthly bird walk at Kenfig. Martyn Hnatiuk later re-found the bird enabling me to spend the least amount of effort getting onto it. This was great because I had spent 5hrs earlier this morning at Crymlyn Burrows searching for the same species, to no avail! Thanks to all finders and re-finders ;o)

To try for this bird. Follow the yellow route from Kenfig carpark to Sker point. When it reaches the haul road (the track that runs along the coast) turn right, heading towards Port Talbot. The bird was last seen to go into the longer grass and scrub on the right of the track 100yds along. There is a large dark non-natural rock in this vicinity SS78948035


Highlander said...

Great video photage Mark

Neil Donaghy said...

Gutted - no sign of it this morning. Thanks for the texts though; should have gone yesterday afternoon, but time was a bit tight.

Mark Hipkin said...

Sorry to hear that Neil. But you're bound to catch up with one if not more this autumn/winter.