22 September 2010

Mystery plant?

David Painter photographed this mystery plant at Llanelli North Dock dunes. I have a feeling it may be White Mullein (Verbascum lychnitis), though not sure without having a look in the field. If anyone can identify the species with more certainty I'd be grateful.


Charles Hipkin said...

Almost certainly White Mullein (Verbascum lychnitis), but can only confirm that with a specimen. But from the photo a number of key features are fairly clear - 1) white flowers, 2)hairs on anthers appear to be white (purple hairs would make the anthers look dark in the photo, particularly against a white petal background) and 3)the upper surfaces of the leaves are green (not white-hairy). This is a rare native species in some parts of the UK, but usually occurs in South Wales as a rare casual alien. But a good record!

Barry Stewart said...

Richard Pryce commented... 'I agree it is lychnitis: no meal on the leaves and the stem looks to be angled but can't be sure from the photo. It will be worth having a look when we're passing'

Barry Stewart said...

Richard also added... 'Its the 5th vcr but IKM saw it at N Dock on 15/8/96 but his grid ref gives it on the E side of the river.
I've just come back from the site - there are 29 this year's plants, at least 6 last year's dried stems and prob at least 6 next year's rosettes. Please thank David Painter.'