12 September 2010

Yellow Wagtail (Cardiff v Swansea)

It always surprises me how scarce Yellow Wagtails are in West Glamorgan when compared with the eastern half of the county. The coastal levels around Cardiff and in Gwent seem particularly attractive to the species and Kenfig/Sker usually does pretty well too with double-figures regularly reported from these sites during the autumn. Here in the west of the county, Wernffrwd appears to be the best place to look for the species and Rob Taylor managed to take this fine image of one at this location yesterday.


Neil Donaghy said...

Have seen more at Sker this year barry than for quite a few years and I didn't see one at all on the reserve two years ago. Perhaos they have had a better breeding season than in recent times this year.

Meriwether said...

This species is uncommon in spring over all of Glamorgan, it's only in autumn we see any numbers. I agree with ND, perhaps they have had a good season this year. Maurice Chown & myself had a count of 120 on the RGW this autumn, although numbers have trailed off now. Always nice though, one of my favourite birds.

Barry Stewart said...

I suspect the easterly airflow this last week has helped birds drift further west than usual. Hopefully there will be a nice grey-looking one found soon!