02 July 2011

Blaengwrach yesterday.

Argogorytes mystaceus (a Digger Wasp)
 I was lucky enough to take part in a biodiversity blitz event at Selar yesterday. This is private land and access had to be carefully planned beforehand but the species shown in this post were observed in the vicinity of a public footpath that runs up the hill from Blaengwach. The insects stole the show for me again on this day with a very nice digger wasp (Argogorytes mystaceus) taking top spot. This wasp stocks her nest with froghoppers for her larvae to feed on.

Leucozona laternaria (a Hoverfly)
 Leucozona (Ischoyrosrphus) laternaria is quite locally distributed in the British Isles. An attractive hoverfly with a nice distinguishing feature being the yellow apex to an otherwise dark scutellum.

Sericomyia lappona (a Hoverfly)
Not particularly uncommon but a very nice hoverfly, Sericomyia lappona can often be seen (as was the case today) to be flying alongside Sericomyia silentis.

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Martyn Hnatiuk said...

Cracking shot of the Leucozona...had one last week in Maesteg but couldn,t get close to it..this photo makes up for that though