07 July 2011

Nitten Field 'Flower Show'

Sunflowers, Phacelia & Gold-of-Pleasure
The Phacelia is in full flower at the moment and the rich honey-like smell of the Phacelia alone is worth the visit. Gordon and Beryl Howe welcome anyone who wants to visit the field to do so by the bottom gate, via the path coming up from Mewslade Valley (SS42328750). Gordon reckons the Phacelia will probably go over in the next couple of weeks, so worth seeing sooner rather than later.
 Gordon, Phacelia & Corn Marigolds
Last weekend I put a couple of moth traps out to find out what species were using the field and although it was a rather cool cloudless night 103 species were recorded. The commonest species was the Dark Arches (270), followed by 50+ each of Large Yellow Underwing and Diamond-back Moth, the latter being a small migrant species. For a sample of photographs of other species recorded visit http://gmrg-vc41moths.blogspot.com/2011/07/nitten-field-mewslade.html

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