10 July 2011

Downy Ducklings

The duck production line is still operational at WWT Lanelli. Even though many ducklings have now fledged, some are still in the early stages and today we saw young Mallard (pictured), Shelduck, Gadwall, Tufted Duck and Pochard. Additionally approximately 250 Black-headed Gulls are estimated to have fledged from the centre this year according to Penclacwydd's unofficial statistician Wendell Thomas.
(c) Sandra J. Stewart


Anonymous said...

Hi Barry,seen a few juv black headed gulls this side of the inlet,and what nice looking birds they are

Barry Stewart said...

I suspect more have arrived from elsewhere looking at the numbers now building up in the estuary.

Barry Stewart said...

A brood of fresh Gadwall chicks appeared at Llanrhidian yesterday