10 July 2011

Musk Beetle at Ffrwd Fen

Ian Morgan also wrote: 'Another bit of vc44 invert news...Liz Wilberforce had a musk beetle at Ffrwd Fen NR, Pembrey 22/420028 on 2/7/11 [photo taken by her]. It is obviously known from Crymlyn already, but this is a first record for Carms. The old willows alongside the canal are probably utilised by this longhorn and it makes the strong case for retention of these willows and not to have them cleared as some have suggested in the past. Old willows elsewhere in the Lower Gwendraeth Valley could well also support this rare beetle.'
(c) Liz Wilberforce

1 comment:

Mark Hipkin said...

Wow! What a beauty. I hold high hopes of catching up with this species one day. Very well done Liz.
Thanks too, to Ian for the tip off about the old Willow stands.