05 July 2011

Lesser Grey Shrike at St.Justinian's (OOC unfortunately!)

This year I decided I should try and see a few more birds outside my normal birding patches in West Glam. I was given the perfect opportunity to visit the stunning Pembrokeshire Coast when Marion B. turned up this gem at St. Justinian's yesterday. I was surprised to be only one of five other birders present during a 2hr watch between 14:00 and 16:00. Nevertheless, the bird performed exceptionally well for us and we left very happy. Fantastic find Marion, Thanks!

A bit of video footage of this cracking bird via the link below

Lesser Grey Shrike video


Barry Stewart said...

Stunning bird by Mark the shrikemeister!

Mark Hipkin said...

Unfortunately I didn't find any of them but, I did enjoy them all!
2011 "Year of the Shrike!"

Barry Stewart said...

You've got plenty time left to find the next one - Isabelline perhaps?