19 May 2010

Dunlins at Eglwys

With news of an Alpine Swift over Cardiff yesterday, last seen heading West, I thought I'd give Eglwys a go this morning. No Alpine, but a few alpina around the reservoir. I saw three Dunlin together first thing on the Southern edge and much later 14 on the Northern edge.

Although the water levels have dropped over the last few months, the reservoir edge is still (mainly) steeply sloping concrete, and the waders do seem to have difficulty landing on this surface.
Also a bit of 3rd hand news, a walker told me today that a birder had seen a tall, spotted wader on the muddy area behind the yacht club, recently. The birder apparently also demonstrated some delight with his find. My money is on Ruff, but who knows? Hopefully we'll find out what it was in due course?


Anonymous said...

hi Mark,Bernie Beck,would a Spotted Redshank in breeding plumage,be out of the question

Mark Hipkin said...

hi Bernie, it could well have been. I should have asked the walker for some more clues. I hope it isn't too long before we find out. I'll let you know when this mystery unfolds.