16 May 2010

National Moth Night 2010

Chris Manley, David Painter, Veronica Shenston, Bob & Trish Rigdon, Gwyn Roberts, Dorian & Catrin ? and myself attended a NMN bash at Nicholaston Woods last night. A total of 44 species was recorded, the highlights being Ypsolopha mucronella (new for SS58 and only the 3rd vc record) and 3 Orange Footman (new for SS58 and the 5th county record). Other species recorded of interest were Maiden's Blush, Cream Wave, Small Waved Umber, Oak-tree Pug, Yellow-barred Brindle, Scorched Carpet, Square Spot, Yellow Belle, Marblerd Brown and Least Black Arches.
Ypsolopha mucronella (c) Chris Manley
Orange Footman (c) B. Stewart

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